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Connell Family Chiropractic

Services That We Offer

A wide variety of adjusting techniques modified to each patients comfort level. Safe for kids, adults and geriatric patients. Dr. Connell also specializes in extremity adjusting.

DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

Dr. Connell may prescribe home devices which may improve the patient’s condition much faster. These devices are used by the patient at home after training on how to use them properly. Not every patient will be prescribed DME.

Kinesio taping

Dr. Connell has been kinesio taping patients and athletes since 2009. The supportive tape has gained popularity over the years with its use on elite athletes, but it simply does a great job increasing the healing and support of weakened or inflamed muscle tissue when applied correctly.

Cold laser

Breaks down inflammation and adhesions/scar tissue built up over years of wear and tear.


CFC has a state of the art, fully digital xray machine which can show high quality images in just seconds. This is imperative to see the integrity of the region xrayed, and gives the doctor a blue print as to what might be the problem.


CFC has a full rehab section of the clinic dedicated to mobilizing and stabilizing the spine and extremities.

Vibration plate

Used for increasing nerve and blood flow, this machine also aids in re-educating damaged muscle tissue.